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Vacation Gardening

Will you miss your garden this vacation?  Where will you be going?  It seems everywhere in the world there are beautiful gardens… My sister lives in Zhelou Voyvoda in Bulgaria and recently sent me some photos of her summer garden after a major lighting and thunder storm that knocked out the communications tower for nearly two weeks. This was a major deal for the people of Zhelou Voyvoda but the plants thought it was great!

who says pink and orange clash A tangle of stuff  Hibiscus total jungle just picked 3 kg

Bulgaria gardening on Vacation:Yarrow, bugloss and comfrey
Bulgaria gardening on Vacation:Yarrow, bugloss and comfrey



Grocery Outlet Fruit Trees (Duarte) are Back!

I was at Grocery Outlet yesterday and noticed that this year they again have a selection of Duarte trees!  I cheerfully picked up 2 European style plums and a Fuji apple. On the way out of the store I saw a young couple (anything younger than 50 is now young) debating over “which  tree” or “any” that they should get – and wondering if the “quality” would be good.  Since, unlike at a garden store, at Grocery Outlet there is no expert gardener to ask questions of, and the tags provided don’t specify zones so it was actually a legitimate concern.

I have some answers to the Grocery Outlet Fruit Tree doubters!

Last year (2012) I bought at least 7  fruit trees, and some grapes – same kind of little things they have this year. I was going back to Maine on vacation for 2 weeks so I put them in new 5 gal buckets with yard dirt and  put them in our plastic green colored green house in the shade. This green house has water on a timer and normally protects my seedlings from our voracious goats( when they escape). I left them in buckets through the winter and planted them in the sun at Spring Hill Cottage in the spring time.

Here are the results:

grape #2 from GO same grape  Apple from GO Peach tree from GO peach tree #3 from GO peach tree #2 Babcock from GO nectarine tree form Grocery outlet Grocery outlet peach tree plums on grocery outlet tree plum I  think apricot tree with apricots cherry  plums?    nectarine hidden in leaves  peach under leaves  peacheson tree june 4, 2013  SPC peach tree

By the way while 7out of 9 of my 2012  grocery outlet fruit tree are bearing fruit, only one of the 12 2012 garden nursery trees I purchased last winter is. To be fair they did not have the summer to make cute little roots in their 5 gallon containers