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Grass Valley Vacation Rental Hosts Teachers Turned Coaches

This week we are hosting teachers that do double duty as football coaches, who are here to attend a summer camp at Nevada Union High School. Its hard to believe that teachers who work so hard all year long still have the energy to take on the summer coaching of high school foot ball teams!  They deserve our top praise and support! We are wishing them a great week at Spring Hill Cottage. (Staying together at Spring Hill Cottage also saves them and their team money over traditional hotels and they save even more money when they cook food for themselves at our fully appointed kitchen!!  Go Team Go!!!)

Spring Hill Cottage, flowers and Skies

Above is the back yard at Spring Hill Cottage, you can see the pool if you look behind the umbrella, Below are some kayaks that made it to the pool last summer.

Vacation rental home with pool

Vacation rental home with pool – Kayaks were brought for fun!

Its now the middle of summer and our little Grass Valley vacation rental has been home to a number of interesting guests. So far we’ve had families, friends, weddings, and BBQ’s.

Vacation rental home near golf and gold

Grass Valley Vacation rental home near golf club

We started the summer with family of a Nevada Union High School Graduate. They came the day before and stayed all weekend to enjoy the pool and grounds. A small family celebration right after on of the shortest but hottest 107F graduation ceremonies at Nevada Union High school ever.  They loved the sparkling pool, and in spite of their greenest intentions took full advantage of the built in air conditioning unit and icemaker.  Smart call I say since it was about 2013 summer heat survival.

Spring Hill Cottage Pool party

We next had a birthday celebration for a graduate student studying to be  a Chiropractor.  Over 15  local people came to join her at a poolside party to toast her accomplishments and to celebrate her special  day. They enjoyed ripe peaches and plums picked from trees in the garden and especially enjoyed the pool, the night skies, and the opportunity for quiet yoga with friends.

peacheson tree june 4, 2013Ripe peaches prior to plucking

Last week we had a large family celebrating a “brothers wedding” and their extended family all came stay to with us.  Before they came, the grand parents were especially interested in knowing that there was wifi for the kids ( there is) and were delighted to find that the kids happily played in the deep end  pool all weekend and enjoyed getting to know these kids even better  since the wifi was hardly used!


Gold Country Cottage with pool

Enjoy the Pool!

So if you have a wedding or party, a gathering or a meeting, or even a football camp – come visit with us and enjoy you stay!