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Garden Raspberry Canes to Share This Year!

red ras

Today I was cutting back and cutting up raspberry  canes in prep for this summer’s harvest. We really miss  the dozens of daily raspberries we harvested all summer last year.. .I’m hoping these cuttings made today root so I can share them-  I cut canes so that each cane has 2-3 buds underground ( in plant pots in the yard) and at least 2 above the ground.  I expect to have at least 50% root so I can plant them around the outside of the cottage fence and/or give to friends – contact me if you’d like some.  As always – first come first gifted to….  I expect about 20 – 50 cane pieces  to root and am so happy to share them. this year I am re-using last years photos until some thing exciting happens ( canes are just twigs in dirt for the moment) but will update with new photos soon. yellow raspberry  rasp pic  fence raspHowever, we are still harvesting from the gardens – today we  dug up some sun-chokes and picked some fresh spearmint-growing in a tree pot for lemon mint tea.

How about our weekend gardening trip to Petaluma?

We were heavily inspired to start early gardens by out visit to the Petaluma Seed Bank visit which we had over the weekend. see inside the seed bank. Please see our next post for details.

If you are local to grass valley and you want me to save you some of these canes let me know:

If are not  local to grass valley and you want to stay at the cottage for a visit, also let me know:

Lilacs in Grass Valley at Cottage

Lilacs in Grass Valley at Cottage