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Girls night out…Weekend Pool and Slumber Party

master bedroom 5

Remember when you and your friends spent the whole night talking, dancing, snacking and laughing?  Mom made you all pancakes for breakfast? You can recapture that feeling of relaxed bonding with friends at Spring Hill Cottage. Grass Valley’s own pool and garden retreat location. The out door grill will be perfect for a midnight BBQ. When it gets cold you can move inside for movies, hot cocoa and a fire in the fireplace.   In the morning you can make pancakes in the  well appointed kitchen.


kids in pool at night

kids in pool at night

Summer Cottage evening swim party  vacation cottage pool  Casual Pool Gathering at Vacation Rental

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Best Dutch Licorice Selection in California? Lazy Dog Ice cream shop – no kidding!

Lazy Dog Ice Cream Shop : Famous for Dutch Licorice: 20+ Kinds
Two years ago I posted on Lazy Dog’s dutch licorice selection as being the best in Grass Valley.  It seems that during the last two years they have expanded their offerings and now offer – on site over 20 types of dutch licorice. (In addition they also offer fresh chocolates, ice cream,  gelato etc). So in the interest of Displaced Dutch people that like salt licorice  – please find an update…

lazy dog candy shop small

Lazy Dog shop in Grass Valley (front window view) has more than ice cream to offer: Anise Bears, double salt coins, licorice cats, licorice trucks and those little sweet salty cubes are all on the shelves.

Yesterday,  (Halloween)  I stopped by and this is what i found:

IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2753

Licorice Bears at candy store in Grass Valley


Licorice photo in grass valley

Licorice lovers invited to Lazy dog in Grass Valley

Lazy dog hag has a wonderful selection of dutch licorice

Lazy dog has has a wonderful selection of dutch licorice

This selection ALSO features:

  • Honey Licorice,
  • Red licorice,
  • Australian licorice,
  • Swedish licorice

So if you are from the Netherlands originally, or for  any  licorice lover,  and IF you are driving through Northern California, stop by Lazy Dog Ice Cream Shop in Grass Valley. You can get the flush cheeked joy of a licorice fix with out any hassle – an you will be glad you did.

Stay in Grass Valley

If you are looking for some place to stay while in the Grass valley area you may consider Spring Hill Cottage in Grass Valley. This quiet 3 bedroom 2 bath home comes with a private in-ground pool and lush perennial gardens and rents by the day or week and provides a vacation like experience for small groups or families.

Spring Hill Cottage, flowers and Skies


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Summer Cottage: A Few Fun Photos.

Just photos this time  – so many good times this summer… these were all from an Ice Cream Sunday Party one Friday Night in July.  Summer is moving to fall and the pool is now just 74 now–so I’m looking forward to next summer  – and to the fall colors we hope to see from the peach and plum trees.  Next summer I promise to take more photos

summer cottage firepit

its soo relaxing to have a back yard bon fire – we used a firepit that a friend brought

Summer Cottage evening swim party

Everyone always loves this pool – deep and has a light!

vacation cottage pool with boats and kids

Yachting in the backyard pool with kids! Always fun to swim or paddle in circles!

Casual Pool Gathering at Vacation Rental

The Pool inspires relaxed conversations, smiles, and wet kids and parents