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Raspberries are Ripe and Prolific

This year is a raspberry wonder for us! Everywhere you look fresh raspberries abound. The fence, the trellis, random support poles, tomato cages and the outside gate are all fair game for the raspberries that have made their home at Spring Hill Cottage. (see photos below) Fragrant and lush, our variaties are primarily thornless and range in color from golden yellow, to salmon to blushing rose. As far as flavor, they are all most delicious, fresh from the stalk, with golden sunlight warming your shoulders.

See Spring Hill Cottage garden raspberry photos below:

rasp pic

fence rasp Green chemistry tips Green Plant with raspberry   red ras yellow raspberry

Favorite way to eat them?  With fresh unflavored yogurt, or if I’m feeling really decadent, I go for layered greek yogurt, raspberries and whipped cream.

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Decorated port-a-potty in the garden? See this one at a nearby fruit stand!

Garden Fruit stand on the way to Chico

We stopped at this family garden fruit stand on the way to Chico. Fresh herbs and flowers just add to the charm


When you are into gardening, you keep an eye out for what other people do, what’s  cute and what’s just a great idea..  We stopped by this  roadside fruit stand on the way to Chico yesterday, and found a great selection of fruit, a cute garden shed, and the prettiest port-o- let ( port-a-potty) that i Had ever seen. I had to take photos and share the experience with you!

Here’s the port- a potty!

When you open the door of the port- a- potty you see an spotlesslessly clean interior – decorated  with country charm  see photo below:

a) main view – straight shot  from front to back- colorful wall hangings, dried herbs along the windows, butterfly stickers, and signage all feels welcoming!





B)  Looking to the right  from front, you see the detail of the sign, fresh and dried herbs, and additional decorations – note how CLEAN it is!!DSCN2503



C) somehow they were able to rig a foot pump with running water – for me that’s huge since I’m a fanatic about washing hands after the restroom and prior to eating. Also a choice of soaps, fully stocked paper towels and again cute and CLEAN!!  DSCN2504


Go find Tony’s on rt 99 to Chico,  buy some fresh fruit and  even if you don’t use their public restroom – go look at it!  see Tony’s Fruit Stand for their fruits and veggies!

Plum Blossoms after Snow

eye level plum blossumsSpring is here.  Grass Valley is catching up to the rest of California with plums in bloom and daffodils smiling. The green house is full of trays of soon to be seedlings and the temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s.  The primrose’s are bursting with color, while the first dandelions have expressed their cheerful hello’s to the front yard.  We covered the pool at Spring Hill Cottage, with its solar cover to start the spring warm up, and it will be a big week in the orchard with moving compost, mulch and the last of the big fruits and small berries to fun and sunny places in the garden. We’ll be adding annual veggies and flowers in succession as they mature in the green house on  Mosswood Lane. Stop by, say hi, and join us for our 1 annual plant giveaway on u our May 11 Open house!  See you soon!


Daffodil and Collards

Daffodil and Collards


Spring Blooms at Spring HIll Cottage

Spring Blooms at Spring HIll Cottage

Gnome with 'shroom

Gnome with ‘shroom


Plum  Bloss at Spring Hill Cottage

Plum Bloss at Spring Hill Cottage

Grass Valley Mulberry wood

Mulberry wood after snow melt

Pineapple Guava near wood chip pile

Pineapple Guava near wood chip pile

eye level plum blossums

Plum brnach angain rainy sky

Grass Valley Plum Blossoms