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Need a Pool to Cool Off in Grass Valley?

Great for a Pool Party when visiting Grass Valley!

Welcome friends to Spring Hill Cottage for a family sized pool party – its a great relaxing place  with lush green herbs, veggies, and fruits  surrounding a large deep end sparkling pool.

spring hill flowers and backyard


When its hot in Grass Valley and you have a gathering planned, consider renting Spring Hill Cottage.


\ pool at night Pool deck with flowers and herbs

Find out how to rent Springhillcottage


Out by the pool, looking towards th house

Garden Scenes in the Foothills around Grass Valley

Too hot to garden today!  Thought I share a few local garden scenes to make you smile while you wilt in the heat , or when you come back from your escape to a cool body of water today. These 5 photos were all taken at the same place… does anyone recognize the location?IMG_3746 IMG_3733 IMG_3728  IMG_3725 IMG_3719


hint….its not Grass Valley….

If you’d like to come stay with us at Spring Hill Cottage in grass valley – let us know!

Girls night out…Weekend Pool and Slumber Party

master bedroom 5

Remember when you and your friends spent the whole night talking, dancing, snacking and laughing?  Mom made you all pancakes for breakfast? You can recapture that feeling of relaxed bonding with friends at Spring Hill Cottage. Grass Valley’s own pool and garden retreat location. The out door grill will be perfect for a midnight BBQ. When it gets cold you can move inside for movies, hot cocoa and a fire in the fireplace.   In the morning you can make pancakes in the  well appointed kitchen.


kids in pool at night

kids in pool at night

Summer Cottage evening swim party  vacation cottage pool  Casual Pool Gathering at Vacation Rental

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Raspberries are Ripe and Prolific

This year is a raspberry wonder for us! Everywhere you look fresh raspberries abound. The fence, the trellis, random support poles, tomato cages and the outside gate are all fair game for the raspberries that have made their home at Spring Hill Cottage. (see photos below) Fragrant and lush, our variaties are primarily thornless and range in color from golden yellow, to salmon to blushing rose. As far as flavor, they are all most delicious, fresh from the stalk, with golden sunlight warming your shoulders.

See Spring Hill Cottage garden raspberry photos below:

rasp pic

fence rasp Green chemistry tips Green Plant with raspberry   red ras yellow raspberry

Favorite way to eat them?  With fresh unflavored yogurt, or if I’m feeling really decadent, I go for layered greek yogurt, raspberries and whipped cream.

We invite you to reserve Spring Hill Cottage today through our VRBO SITE reservation portal


Summer Cottage: A Few Fun Photos.

Just photos this time  – so many good times this summer… these were all from an Ice Cream Sunday Party one Friday Night in July.  Summer is moving to fall and the pool is now just 74 now–so I’m looking forward to next summer  – and to the fall colors we hope to see from the peach and plum trees.  Next summer I promise to take more photos

summer cottage firepit

its soo relaxing to have a back yard bon fire – we used a firepit that a friend brought

Summer Cottage evening swim party

Everyone always loves this pool – deep and has a light!

vacation cottage pool with boats and kids

Yachting in the backyard pool with kids! Always fun to swim or paddle in circles!

Casual Pool Gathering at Vacation Rental

The Pool inspires relaxed conversations, smiles, and wet kids and parents

Welcome to Summertime Grass Valley!

It’s finally here!  Summertime!  Ok it’s May 6 but the pools is in the 80’s and there’s all kinds of fun  to be had!

Clematis blooming in April

The Clematis are glowing up the fencesBringing in the blooms

Plants from the nursery are waiting for planting and cheering up the den at the same time!    Lilacs close up Spring Hill Cottage, flowers and Skies

Happy cosmos attract honey bees which also help pollinate the fruit treesVacation place with pool

view of child safety area near pool and the gorgeous skies that are part of everyday life at the cottageGrass Valley Blossoms and Blooms

Event the shady area in the front of the cottage burst forth with blooms!

Plum Blossoms after Snow

eye level plum blossumsSpring is here.  Grass Valley is catching up to the rest of California with plums in bloom and daffodils smiling. The green house is full of trays of soon to be seedlings and the temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s.  The primrose’s are bursting with color, while the first dandelions have expressed their cheerful hello’s to the front yard.  We covered the pool at Spring Hill Cottage, with its solar cover to start the spring warm up, and it will be a big week in the orchard with moving compost, mulch and the last of the big fruits and small berries to fun and sunny places in the garden. We’ll be adding annual veggies and flowers in succession as they mature in the green house on  Mosswood Lane. Stop by, say hi, and join us for our 1 annual plant giveaway on u our May 11 Open house!  See you soon!


Daffodil and Collards

Daffodil and Collards


Spring Blooms at Spring HIll Cottage

Spring Blooms at Spring HIll Cottage

Gnome with 'shroom

Gnome with ‘shroom


Plum  Bloss at Spring Hill Cottage

Plum Bloss at Spring Hill Cottage

Grass Valley Mulberry wood

Mulberry wood after snow melt

Pineapple Guava near wood chip pile

Pineapple Guava near wood chip pile

eye level plum blossums

Plum brnach angain rainy sky

Grass Valley Plum Blossoms


Snow in the Garden


Snow Sled at Spring Hill Cottage

Snow Sled at Spring Hill Cottage

Spring Hill Cottage and Gardens got SNOW  this week! This is a big storm that is winding its way across the country leaving a blanket of snow on mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and forests.  Here it was big  enough to make it look pretty, and little enough to not have to shovel. In Grass Valley it normally melts off in a few days, so we’ve learned its ok to leave alone.  I took some pictures of the new gardens and orchard with their very first snow dusting. Cottage Garden  in first snow photos are kind of like a baby’s first steps I think. The parents think its wonderful and the rest of the world in just kind of indulgent. So thank you for indulging me…

Snowy Rose Bush at Spring Hill Cottage

Snowy Rose Bush at Spring Hill Cottage

Welcome to Spring Hill Cottage in the Snow!
sled in front yard at the cottage

sled in front yard at the cottage

Our new mini orchard in snow

Our new mini orchard in snow

Spring Hill Cottage Pool in winter

Spring Hill Cottage Pool in winter

Fenced yard in Snow

Stone wall, fence and pool in snow

Stone wall, fence and pool in snow

Wooden Board Fence Corner with pines in Snow

Wooden Board Fence Corner with pines in Snow

Snowy Garden Shed at Far  Corner of the Garden

Snowy Garden Shed at Far Corner of the Garden

Spring Hill Cottage Garden Wheelbarrow in Snow

Spring Hill Cottage Garden Wheelbarrow in Snow BRRRRR!!  Spring is coming soon!!




















Grass Valley Vacation Rental with Gardens

Enjoy your Grass Valley Gold Country vacation in a setting  with herb gardens, flowers and fruit trees, a pool, a yard and a lovely cottage!  Let me show you the lemon verbena we have growing in the herb garden.

Vacation Herb Gardening

Herb: Lemon Verbena at Spring Hill Cottage

Also look at these collards


Vacation rental home and garden

Collards happily growing at Spring Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Home

flowers and treee

Grass valley vacation rental cottage with trees and flowers