Outdoor Seating at Spring Hill Cottage

Out door seating at Spring Hill CottageThere are multiple and flexible options for out door relaxation, entertainment and dining seating.

Gated Seated ( see photo above)

Child fenced and covered back yard casual  seating just outside the sliding glass door to the pool area, provides a relaxing and shaded lunch, refreshment  or reading spot, out of the direct sun and when the gate is closed and latched, a safe place for kids to play.

Poolside seating: (see photos below)

  • Lounge chairs,
  • Deck chairs and
  • Camp chairs
  • Hammock: a free standing hammock is available  to pull into the sun or shade
  • Out door dining set with umbrella and cushions; seats  4

This furniture can be placed in flexible an fun arrangements that provide sun exposure, and flexible social arrangements

Pool seating with garden fresh chard at Spring hIll cottage