Plant a Garden While on Vacation

roses on fenceHankering to have that green thumb garden cottage experience, but live in a apartment in the city?  Welcome to spring time at Spring Hill Cottage.  If you like gardening while on vacation we have seedlings for you to plant, seeds to sow, and veggies that need picking! From wine barrels to a straw bale garden, we have reserved select spots and pots for our guests that want to garden to add a little green to the planet.  Most typically we have pots set aside and great garden soil  for our guests to have some fun. Guests are invited to come back in the fall to see how their pots did over the course of the summer.

  • Great for retirees that no longer keep a full garden going
  • Fun for families with no access to a garden of their own
  • Enjoy a gentle activity for a relaxing evening


green the planet

miners lettuce – native in grass valley

we'll keep a few trays of plants around for you!

we’ll keep a few trays of plants around for you!


Enjoy the day and we look forward to seeing you.

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