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water feature in garden park

Japanese Garden Great Peace, and Good Ideas for Water Features

Parks, Gardens, with ponds waterfalls and other water features bring out the best of spring time. Awhile ago we traveled to San Diego and walked through the Japanese friendship garden in Balboa Park. I was surprised to see the curators were planning a really grand expansion.  It was a lovely gray day, the plum blossoms were just starting and while coming from Grass Valley it seemed a little crowded, it was a peaceful walk with a gentle down slope to the “river” and a gentle up slope to the coy pond. Enjoy the photos below:



Bamboo “Fountain”IMG_0375

Notice the stepping stones and ” subtle seating”


meditative with a central focal point and varied texture


Indoors, relaxing and peaceful, warm tones, varied textures

IMG_0378The gray weather seemed to provide even deeper peace



notice the overlapping opaque screens and the framed view – which would be more balanced and clean without the visitors, but less interesting






directing water with multi-linked and overlapping chains is clever and elegant


even with crowds, the Balboa Park Japanese Garden feels peaceful


Symmetry, assymetry, a  focal point and peace


What is this and why is it here?

hint… where does the rain water from the chain land?



Bamboo, used for everything is neatly formed into a railing system at the Japanese Garden



Here you see the extended bamboo rail / garden barrier


and of course the coy pond, peaceful in the gentle rain….

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Best Selection of Dutch Licorice at Lazy Dog in Grass Valley

Where else but Grass Valley  can you find an old pink car in a candy shop?

Known for gourmet candies,rich chocolates, and homemade ice cream, Lazy dog also has the Best Selection of Dutch Licorice that I have yet seen in Northern California.  This may be a biased viewpoint but seriously i come from good Dutch stock and for  me  double salted licorice is a pretty serious addiction in that once I start, its hard to stop.


If you hail from Northern Europe, Lazy Dog definitely puts Grass Valley on the map  of places to visit.  No  this is not a paid ad,  nor do i know the owner,   I view this as an educational piece for those who really go for salt licorice!lazy dog candy shop small

Lazy Dog in Grass Valley


dutch licorice anise blocks?

dutch licorice anise blocks?   we will take  some photos of their selection when we go agiain!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.18.49 PM

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