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Sierra Nevada Hospital Patient and Guest and Family Housing Offered

If you are coming in from out of town or have a family member staying at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and want to stay within walking distance to the hospital, consider  Spring Hill Cottage, which abuts the hospital grounds and provides a relaxing atmosphere with gardens, a large deep end pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room, den and formal dining, gas fireplace and more.

We invite you to reserve Spring Hill Cottage today through our VRBO SITE reservation portal

Out by the pool, looking towards th house   Lilac Close up Rent a House with flowers

Wind Chimes in the Garden   Grass Valley Garden Wall

Enjoy a weekend at Spring Hill Cottage

Vacation gardening Beautiful garden plants

Living room is cozy and relaxing

Living room is cozy and relaxing

Lazy Boy chair is comfy in what ever room it ends up in
Lots of natural light and local view from the living room at Spring Hill Cottage

Lots of natural light and local view from the living room at Spring Hill Cottage

Clematis blooming in April


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Summer Cottage: A Few Fun Photos.

Just photos this time  – so many good times this summer… these were all from an Ice Cream Sunday Party one Friday Night in July.  Summer is moving to fall and the pool is now just 74 now–so I’m looking forward to next summer  – and to the fall colors we hope to see from the peach and plum trees.  Next summer I promise to take more photos

summer cottage firepit

its soo relaxing to have a back yard bon fire – we used a firepit that a friend brought

Summer Cottage evening swim party

Everyone always loves this pool – deep and has a light!

vacation cottage pool with boats and kids

Yachting in the backyard pool with kids! Always fun to swim or paddle in circles!

Casual Pool Gathering at Vacation Rental

The Pool inspires relaxed conversations, smiles, and wet kids and parents

Welcome to Summertime Grass Valley!

It’s finally here!  Summertime!  Ok it’s May 6 but the pools is in the 80’s and there’s all kinds of fun  to be had!

Clematis blooming in April

The Clematis are glowing up the fencesBringing in the blooms

Plants from the nursery are waiting for planting and cheering up the den at the same time!    Lilacs close up Spring Hill Cottage, flowers and Skies

Happy cosmos attract honey bees which also help pollinate the fruit treesVacation place with pool

view of child safety area near pool and the gorgeous skies that are part of everyday life at the cottageGrass Valley Blossoms and Blooms

Event the shady area in the front of the cottage burst forth with blooms!

Grass Valley Winter Gardening Before Superbowl!

Here in Grass Valley sometimes we have the opportunity to rush the gardening season a little bit. Yes! Spring Hill Cottage Gardening in February!! We had lovely 65 Degree weather today, although that is unusual for this time of year.  So we did some gardening before the Super-bowl…Let’s show you what’s going on. One disclaimer here- all of these have additional winter protection since, in spite of the ground’s claim – I think we’ll still have some cold weather. 

Strawberries growing on wood chips

Strawberries growning on woodchips

Grass Valley garden roses

Can’t wait for these tiny yellow roses that are surely coming soon!


These roses were tiny yellow tea roses that were a gift in the winter – They come live, but never seem to make it to spring ….until last year when I put them in our cool sunporch where they got the light ( and water) they needed until the warmth came.

Herb Garden Marjoram in the early spring

Herb Garden Marjoram in the early spring

Fun trivia on this herb – its very closely related to Oregano, I find it less bitter. Its very easy to propagate – just take a little piece that already has roots and place it nicely in potting soil and keep it moist..It seems tolerant of  soil with lots of oak leaves  and pine needles as you can see here. This will easily grow 10X its size this summer!

Back to the Superbowl…I loved the Clydesdale Horse ad– Did you know that Nevada County fair Grounds has a Draft Horse Classic Event every fall?    Follow the link I just provided. It will also give you the annual schedule of events at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, which include things like the county fair, dog shows, craft shows, and llama shows.

If you’d like to rent a vacation rental with gardens and a pool – Do think if us at Spring Hill Cottage and Gardens, the cottage is a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath that sleeps 7-10, is fully appointed and has a gas fireplace for additional coziness. When you rent it, you get to see what we have growing.. and eat it too- in season of course. Hope to see you soon.


Grass Valley Vacation Rental with Gardens

Enjoy your Grass Valley Gold Country vacation in a setting  with herb gardens, flowers and fruit trees, a pool, a yard and a lovely cottage!  Let me show you the lemon verbena we have growing in the herb garden.

Vacation Herb Gardening

Herb: Lemon Verbena at Spring Hill Cottage

Also look at these collards


Vacation rental home and garden

Collards happily growing at Spring Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Home

flowers and treee

Grass valley vacation rental cottage with trees and flowers